We work on shaping the future of diagnostics and act as consultancy for digital transformation, software engineering & infrastructure. We deliver end-to-end solutions.

Our Mission

Liftric is both the enabler and the driving force behind most of the recent innovations among our partners. We are not limited to the healthcare industry, although we have a proven track record of combining traditional diagnostics with modern technology, delivering the power of common rapid tests directly to your smartphone. We create next-level medical apps for patients around the globe and are empowering them to take care of their health autonomously.

Shaping the future of diagnostics by bringing the lab to a smartphone can be seen as the digital transformation of a classical rapid test manufacturer. Having the possibility of accessing a diagnostic tool on-premise and on-demand is not only limited to the patients, but allows the manufacturer's employees to think outside the box by putting pure innovation in their own hands.

Our Team

Software consultancy for the diagnostic sector, we are built by qualified and experienced professionals that cover all the steps for a successful delivery.

Thorsten Knöller

Managing Director

Ben John

Managing Director

Marcel Kesselring

Head of Engineering

Thomas Preisendörfer

Mobile Engineer

Marc Alexander Voigt

Backend Engineer

Selin Cukurlu

Frontend Engineer

Laura Hendriks

Head of User Experience

Dr. Jakob Huber

Head of Applied AI

Emiri Begic

Junior Frontend Engineer

Duc Tran

Mobile Engineer

Can Önal

Mobile Engineer

Johanna Reuschel

Working Student Frontend

Katja Greb

Senior Frontend Engineer

Lasse Liebig

Trainee software development

Sophie Jacke

Head of Strategy & Innovation

Kristina Stiehl

Team Assistant

Patrick Mirwald

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Abirami Kumar

Market Research Working Student

Joel Pflomm

Backend Working Student

Do you want to know more about our working culture?

Our multidisciplinary team will make questions and bring ideas to make the best product. Liftric’s work ethic rests on clear communication and trust.